Looking Back

  It's 1959
                       We started school in September, all bright eyed and full of wonder.  Sophmores      Can you imagine....... we finally made it-we're in High School.  It's now November.  The excitement of the Holiday season is approaching.  Hear the clicking of your shoes as you race down the hall to class.  You're late 'cause you stopped to pick up the latest edition of The Comet.  

   There on the front page is a picture of Mr. Galloway, Mr.Feigin, Mrs. Calame, and Mrs. Daly attending the PTA Fashion Show on Nov. 9th.   Both men are attired in tuxedos.

      Sally Gavril, Margaret Tashiro, Darlene Sochurek, Cheryl Proffe and Sandra Kamen were models.

      The Science Dept. had a trip to tour Brookhaven National Laboratory and Leaders Club is sponsoring the Annual Winter Carnival planned for Dec. 19th (semi-formal dress).

      A Sophomore orientation assembly was held Oct. 21st to introduce us to the clubs and extra curricular activities of HHS.

      The assembly opened with a salute to the flag and a Bible reading.  Boy's sports, National Honor Society, Leaders Club, Chess Club, Future Teachers of America, Music, the German Club, Phi-Chem-Bi, the news staff,  Hi-Y,  Student Council,  Booster Club, Key Club, Round Table, Citizenship Education Club,  Variety Club and PTA are all available for us to join.

       Also on the front page,  "Startime '59," The Variety Show is being planned for December.  Charlene Iller is going to dance in the show.

     Joan Maynard is a reporter for The Comet.

    The Sophomore Hop Committee held its 1st meeting Nov. 10th. The theme "Mardi Gras" was picked, and committees formed.  

     Refreshments Chairman -Jim Szymanski-Kevin O’Neil, Carol Christensen, Helen Hildebrand, Marjorie Diepold, Arthur Sackmann, and Sharon Levy.

     Publicity Chairman- Marie Luretto-Ricki Pollack, Linda Sheil, Ellen Levin, Sandy Mentneck, Carol Lilienthal, and Vivian Lowy.

     Decorating Chairman Camille Gully-Linda DiMonoco, Diane La Punto, MaryAnn Malberba, Linda Scaperatti, Ronny Traidman, Steve Glibowski, Catherine Buckner, Joy Edelstein, Joan Englert, Denise Sepanski, Sue Faver, Jessica Sanders, Joan Brandt, Dana Hayden, Sue Hodges, Lee Hatch , Steve Backman, Linda Carmine, Sharon Wyer, Arthur Schmidt, Sue Goodman, Judy Barmann, Mike Clair,and Eileen Eckenrode.

     Ticket Chairman Kathy Caesar-Gail Katala, Eileen O'Brien, Marylyn Simmons, Larry Pyle, and Bernard Palka.

    Entertainment Chairman Pat Nave- Sue Johnson, Vivian Lowy, Sandy Beck, Angele Giovaniello and Ricki  Pollak.

     Invitation Chairman Barbara DiBella - Gene Burke.

The Sophomore Cafeteria Committee held it's 3rd meeting Oct. 26th.  The loan system for forgotten lunch money is working well, because we're honest enough to pay back what we borrow.

    Mrs. Wetteraur's World Problems class started a stay-at-home world tour.

    Alumni accomplishments are listed in Alumni News and the Radio Club elects new officers.  The Future Teachers of America club is inaugurating a teacher aid program.

    Phi-Chem- Bi elects Barbara Brewer as Historian I and Recording Secretary,  Karen Anderson as Historian II and Corresponding Secretary. and June Burke as Treasurer.

     The Supervisor of the  Citizenship Education Dept. of the State of NY visited HHS on Oct. 30th to observe our new three track curriculum.

     The Student Council met to plan Clean-up Week for Nov. 30th to Dec. 4th.  A list of the "Litterbug of the Week" will be posted on the bulletin board in the main lobby.

     Kim Allen and Francis Schnapper auditioned and were selected for the Nassau County Music Sectional on Nov. 21st.

     The Italian Club will travel to the Metropolitan Opera in NY on Jan. 21st.

     The Magazine Drive ended Oct. 26th and raised $14,700.  One of the top 4 salesmen was Renee Abromowitz.  The top 21 were treated to dinner at The Moorings in Cold Spring Harbor on Nov.17th.

     There is a 2 cents a day fine for late library books, and a 2 minute warning bell for class.

     Bernice Cavalluzzo, Angela De Matteo, Linda Otten, and June Burke are among the Sophomores playing Girls Field Hockey, and there's a team picture with the story.

     Homecoming was Oct.31st.

     The J.V. Football team had its 5th straight win on Oct 25th with Chris Coletta, Joe Carfora, Paul Cavalluzzo, Mike Clair, Jimmy Clark, and Pete Lambert.  This assures them the Division I Championship.

     Mike Heney, Tom DeBrocke, and Howie Shack are all starters on the Varsity Soccer team sidelined with injuries.  Roy Garman and John Mirro are playing without them.

     The tennis team won the Division II League Championship.  Artie Schaeffer and Steve Lack play.
      J.V. Soccer with Vince and Frank Coletta and Backman, Cohen, Strafer, and Anselmo played Oct. 27th.

                                 It's November 1959
  Thanksgiving is coming and we're in the 3rd month of our Sophomore year at Hicksville High School.


Hello again Everyone!

 The reunion committee has been very busy getting ready for our big weekend.  Details will be sent out this week.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and remembering what it was like when we were young……………

1959 has gone…Do You Remember……….Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens???? “Peggy Sue”, “ Chantilly Lace”, and “Donna”????  How about the “King”, Elvis????

Are you ready for the ‘60’s????The Beatles, Wolfman Jack, Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead?????     How about Camelot and JFK????

 It’s March 1960

 Do you remember this issue of “The Comet”?????

 The smiling face of Stephen Fernbach looks up at us from the front page.  Stephen leads the entire school scholastically with an average of 97%.  Stephen Lack is 2nd in the sophomore class.

Other Sophomores on the Honor Roll are listed;  Kim Allen,  Pat Appleman,   Merritt Armstrong,   John Berlenbach,  Leonard Breeze,  Joe Carfora,    Seth Carlin,  Robert D’Esposito,   Judy Federbush,  Sue Froely,   William Harrison,  Faith Heilig, John Mirro,  Richard Powell,  MaryLou Rosica,  Norman Sandberg,  Stuart Shore , and Doug Wannen.

At the Latin Student’s Banquet at Wheatly High School,  Kim Allen,  John Berlenbach, and  Eve Cohen  helped lead the singing of the Latin translations of “Old McDonald Had A Farm”,”Hound Dog”, “Mack the Knife”, “Running Bear”, and “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”.

The Latin Club published it’s 2nd edition of “Tempora Latina” (Latin Times), under the direction of their Faculty Advisor,  Mr. Goldberg.

We watched the Senior Play “My Sister Eileen”, and try-outs were held for the

 Sports Night Cheerleading Teams.  Ricki Pollack  was chosen for Orange Team  and

 Karen Hubner  and  Jessica Sanders  were chosen for Black Team.  Sports Night will be April 5th.

“Kiss Me Kate” will be this year’s Musical Comedy.  Denise Sepansky,  Tom Soininen,  Steve Weinblatt,  Frank Diehl,  Paul Bady and Stuart Shore have been selected for the cast.

Printing, Electricity, Carpentry, Auto Mechanics, Architectural Drafting, and Beauty Culture are Vocational Courses being offered to us as juniors in the fall.

The Key Club assisted with Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day parties at the Burwood Home for the Aged Blind.

Leonard Breeze,  Stephen Lack,  and Seth Carlin will compete April 2nd in the National Spanish Contest for Secondary School Students.

Mr. Buttice is rehearsing the show orchestra for the Spring Musical “Kiss Me Kate”, and the band is rehearsing for the Spring Concert.

The Mixed Chorus is pictured with Sophomores,  Rita Paisani, Karen Neal,  Flo Harrison,  Ellen Lerner,  Francis Schnapper,  Roberta Zoller,  Carol Neglia,  Sue Hodges, Margaret Mc Cleneghen,  Joyce Cinculli,  Jan Marcantonio,  Lillian Beisel, Barbara Weber, and Marilyn Perry.

Also pictured were Judy White,  Diane Haupt,  Rita Abramson,  Pat Bilancia, Bonny Muck,  Robert D’Esposito,  Joe Fatula,  Rodger Postley,  Sanford Moos,  Richard DaCosta,  Richard Osborne,  Stephen Lack,  and Sal Mistretta.

 Not pictured, but also Chorus members were Linda Acevedo,  Holly Lauer,  Pat Lockman,  Janet Mehrtens,  Marion Winant,  Cassandra Jackson,  and John Kozak.

 Besides being in Mixed Chorus,  Richard Osborne held the position of Liaison Officer at Mitchell Air Force Base in this year's special commemoration of Boy Scouts Government Week.

Seth Carlin has been chosen from 250 applicants who auditioned, to appear as the

 Featured pianist as part of a quest for talent sponsored by radio station WQXR’s “Musical Talent In Our Schools”

 Several teachers and sophomores are mentioned in a column titled “Can You Imagine”

Can You Imagine……

          Mr. Rusch without his crew-cut

          Mr. Naso without his saddle shoes

          Mrs. Easer without Shakespeare

          Pete Anselmo without “Angel”

          Mr. Munch without his  cuddles

          Mrs. Daly without her sophomores

          John Korothy without his “Bingo”

          Mr. Murphy with blonde hair

          The Colettas’ without each other

          Mr. Stock not wiring doorknobs

          Mr. Galloway without his children

          The sophomores not looking towards the future


          Dr. Wilsey without this column

Richard Powell was chosen by the Student Council to be one of  Hicksville High School ’s two delegates to the Syracuse University Leadership Training Institute to be held at Syracuse University in May.

Chris Coletta,  Mike Heney and Vince Coletta helped the JV Basketball Team win their 8th game in a row.

                                                                     Did You Remember????  

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